Gerald, Judy, Mary and Pauline thank all our Poynton Golden Memories Members, Volunteers and Friends who have been so supportive of this lovely Group. We appreciate your kind words of thanks and encouragement. This is good testimony to others in similar situations to give PGMG a try.

“I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you and Pauline and Gerald for organising yesterday’s trip.  It was so well run even down to the snacks on the way back when the coach took a little longer than expected!  Clive and myself thoroughly enjoyed the day eating and drinking mostly.  You are doing a fantastic job supporting us all.”
– Love Janet  Sep 2022


“Glad you are all busy and meeting regularly, it’s a lovely group you have.”
– Stuart, son of a Member  Sep 2022


Our neighbour thought that the Golden Memories stall was the best in the show.  Quote “It catered for everybody, the children loved the Bran Tub, the Tombola prizes were good and lots of them … many happy winners.”
– Peter & Valeries obo a Neighbour, Towers Road, Poynton.  Aug 2002


“Dear Judy, I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the Golden Memories for an absolutely lovely day out on the Mary Sunley.  Great company, lovely food and good weather.  What could be better.  Love from both of us.”
– Gerald and Beryl x  May 2022


“It is my custom to make a personal donation each year to a local charity.  Dementia is such a dreadful illness with such widespread implications to persons affected and all their family and close circle.  The work you do at Poynton Golden Memories makes such a difference to people’s lives … I wish you and your colleagues every best wishes in the work you are doing.”
– Diana.  Feb 2022


“Thank you to all at Poynton Golden Memories Group for adopting me as your first cuddly Therapy Cat.  I had a fantastic day on Wednesday with so many cuddles, strokes and ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahhs’ I was spoilt – just what I deserve.  I wanted to take Beryl H home with me, alas my cat basket isn’t big enough.  See you next time.”
– Demie.  Jan 2022


“Hi Judy a Big thank you to you, Gerald and everyone who made the 5th party a success.  Big hugs and Best wishes.”
– Graham & Beryl H.  Jan 2022


“Hi Judy, Pete and I just can’t thank you & all the volunteers enough for such a fantastic Christmas ‘do’.  Everything was done to perfection & done so happily.  There was such a lot of thought, preparation & work done before & during that made it so great for everyone.  The attention to detail had to be seen to be believed!!  We find it such a happy place & we feel very fortunate to have become part of PGMG.  Please pass our thoughts & thanks to Pauline, Mary, Gerald & all the other volunteers.  We wish you all a wonderful festive season.”
– Pete & Rae.  Dec 2021


“Thank you for everything yesterday, we had a brilliant time, so nice to actually perform to an audience again!!  You have a lovely group going:).  The planning and arranging must have taken ages but the smiles on peoples faces makes it so worthwhile.”
– Laurel & Hardy.  Dec 2021


“… and the work you do for Golden Memories is fantastic!”
– Ann W. Dec 2021


“Thank you so much for all the care and encouragement you give us.  You make such a difference to our lives!”
– John and Ros.  Dec 2021


“Love to you all and thank you for being there for us.”
– Margaret G.  Dec 2021


“I just wanted to thank you & all the volunteers for today at PGMG. Pete & I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience even though we were both a bit emotional at times (for different reasons).
I have read all the very impressive & informative literature. Thank you for all that … We would love to come again & will look forward to it.”

– Rae & Pete L.  Oct 2021


“Hi to Judy, Gerald and all the management team at PGMG. Thank you for an absolutely super day out on the Mary Sunley.
All our love and best wishes.”

– Beryl and Graham xx  Sep 2021


“Hi I’m following Poynton Golden Memories as my Mum & Dad have attended the last 2 meetings. They have found them really enjoyable & we hope to get them joining lots of events. I’m just sat having tea with them and told them of your friend request. The work you do is absolutely priceless – I see this 1st hand as my dad struggles with dementia & my mum learns to adapt. Keep up the great work & if I can support, please let me know. I no longer live around here, but visit 2 / 3 times a week.”
– Best Regards Philip.  Sep 2021


“Thank you all so very much for the help, support and friendship you have given us over the years. Please accept this donation in memory of Ian.”
– Beryl. Aug 2021


“I appreciate all the good work you do for Poynton Golden Memories.”
– An unexpected comment and donation from a Poynton Resident.  Aug 2021


Love the newsletter, very informative and enjoyable – it’s been a lifeline over Covid.”
– Mandy.  May 2021


“What you did before Lockdown was very good, especially the singing and meal together there was something for everyone. Thanks to all 3 of you.”
– Rita.  Mar 2021


“Really enjoy the Newsletter.”
– Doug. Mar 2021


“I think you do a fabulous job all year round. Do a great range of meetings, trips out and friendship and support, and I think you have got it just right!”
– Pat.  Mar 2021


“Thank you for your kindness in sending the Easter egg and flowers and all your careful planning and thought for the group.”
– Elvina.  Mar 2021


“Thank you so much for the Newsletter and keeping in touch. It’s like a ray of hope that there will be a future to look forward to.”
– Margaret.  Mar 2021


“I am a community carer and cared for a client who was living with Lewy body dementia.  My goal was to stimulate and focus on activities outside of the home.  I was lucky enough to come across Poynton Golden Memories.  We both went along and were made to feel so welcome.  The group is well-run by three wonderful individuals who themselves have or had a spouse living with dementia.  A fantastic environment for your loved one or your client living with dementia.  They will enjoy, I highly recommend Poynton Golden Memories, it is a wonderful changing experience for all.  Keep up the tremendous work you do for the community.”
– Connie.  Nov 2020


“I have enjoyed the news over the lockdown and enjoyed the puzzles etc. Thank you very much for the last year or so when Robert and I attended meetings …. Enjoyed them immensely and the stimulation was great… we met some lovely great people.”
– Robert and Sonia.  Sep 2020


“Thank you so much for allowing me to volunteer at PGM …I have loved every minute of it and learnt so much. My experiences have inspired me to carry on helping people and become the best doctor I can be.”
– Abby.  Aug 2020


“Organisations like yours shine a light and give hope in these bleak times.”
– Magdelan & Jim. Apr 2020


“Golden Memories makes such a difference.”
– John & Ros.  Jan 2020


“You have made such a difference, thank you.”
– Beryl & Ian.  Jan 2020


“Thank you for the support.”
– Wendy. Carol & Brian.  Jan 2020


“Jeannie loves PGM!!!”
– Jan 2020


“Such a wonderful place, love from the Council Community Support team.”
– Jan 2020


“So many thanks for the wonderful things you do with Poynton Golden Memories.”
– Claire and the Residents of Carmel Lodge.  Jan 2020


“You have touched so many hearts, keep doing what you do best. Lots of love.”
– Connie and Val.  Jan 2020


“Thank you for arranging such an enjoyable outing to Llandudno. What a great day we had.”
– Vina.  Summer 2019


“The Christmas party was a resounding success. We thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment, music, the singers, the magician, and of course the Christmas meal.”
– Ann & Geoff.  Jan 2019


“Thank you very much for the lovely day we had before Christmas.”
– Mandy.  Jan 2019


“Mum and I had a lovely day at Trentham Gardens Thank you for a great day out.”
– Norma and Jayne.  Aug 2018


“We went in as strangers but came out as friends. Poynton Golden Memories is a group run by fantastic volunteers whose loved ones suffer from dementia and they work so hard to make the place the success it surely is. Loneliness and isolation are a big problem for both dementia sufferers and their carers but here we feel happy and welcomed – smiling faces, dancing, music and laughter abound in a very friendly atmosphere. Trips out like afternoon tea in a garden centre and a canal trip with lunch enable us all to enjoy going out together in good company which would not necessarily be possible otherwise. It is a much needed amenity for Poynton and the local area and much appreciated by us all.”
– Pat K.  2018


“What does Golden Memories Group mean to me?
A place to meet up with other carers to discuss the problems and difficulties living with a loved one who has Alzheimers.
A place to find out information, I personally find out more at these groups than anywhere else.
A place to laugh, sing and sometimes cry.
A place where your loved one seems happy and enjoys the company of others.
I cannot praise these groups enough; cutbacks in all sectors is affecting the health and wellbeing of both loved ones and carers so groups like these are a God send. Well done to those who have set them up.”
– Lynn and Alan D.  2018


“I have found Golden Memories a Godsend for me as my husband is now quite bad with dementia. We find out lots of very useful information and make friends ‘very important’ as we can become very isolated. The people running it work very hard indeed to make us feel welcome.”
– Rita D.  2018


“All the helpers at The Golden Memories Group work so hard, and it is such a relief to meet people in like situation, they and we deserve all the help we can get.”
– Beryl MacC. 2018


“This wonderful and supportive group have consistently shown that caring and having fun can go hand in hand. As an elected Town Councillor I am always left feeling that if every community had such a group, what a better place the world would be”.
– Geoff King, Poynton Town Council.  Sept 2017