Latest news.  On 5th January 2022, Liz Saville-Roberts stood up in Parliament during Prime Ministers Questions and asked Boris Johnson if he agrees that disabled, sick and elderly people’s human rights are not fair-weather luxuries, and that everyone with dementia, wherever they live, has the right to family life.

extracts from John’s Campaign website ….. John’s Campaign is named after Dr John Gerrard, who died in November 2014 after a catastrophic stay in hospital. 

Dementia is incurable and terminal yet its progression is not linear. John Gerrard was ‘living well’ with Alzheimer’s before he was cut off from his family, his normal routine and his familiar surroundings ….. Delirium (acute confusion) is extraordinarily dangerous for people who are already living with dementia. Families bring reassurance and familiarity …..  They are also quick to notice when things are not right, even when a person cannot communicate for themselves.

John’s Campaign has a single, simple message: no one should enforce disconnection between family carers and those who need their expert knowledge and their love. This principle is applicable everywhere: in the doctor’s surgery, the A&E ward, the dementia assessment unit and the care home.

Families are never “visitors” to a person with dementia; they are an integral part of that person’s life and identity and often their last, best means of connection with the world.

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