“Born 1940 in West Bromwich (West Midlands),  I married  Christine in 1966, had a job move and settled in Hazel Grove 1970.  I started my own company in 1974, subsequently moved houses to Gatley, Woodford and finally  Poynton in 2010.

Shortly after moving to Poynton, Christine had signs of her memory failing and was subsequently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  We started going to Alzheimer’s memory cafes and met Judy and her husband Tony and were invited to Golden Memories in Tytherington.  We immediately realised how much better the group was, we decided to form our own group on alternate weeks at my house.  Within a matter of months our numbers grew to 16 persons and so we started Poynton Golden Memories at the Methodist Church Hall.

Unfortunately Christine’s Alzheimer’s progressed and I found it difficult to manage looking after her, I found a care home I was happy with and she settled there in October 2017.   Alzheimer’s is a slow progressive disease and as I write this she is still being looked after almost 4 years later.”