You and your loved one may have been affected by dementia only recently or for some time and support is so important, there’s always something new to learn.  Please do visit Ambiance Care website which has so much to offer.   Below is an extract from one of their support areas:


Ambiance Support – Just enough support to live your best life

“Helping someone you love face the challenges that come with dementia and memory loss can be exhausting, upsetting, and isolating.  Supporting a loved one with dementia requires both a practical understanding of the illness itself and an insight into the psychological and emotional journey that often takes hold as the condition progresses.

However we know from personal experience that getting the right home care for people living with dementia can be difficult and that people often feel home care services are limited in their understanding of the condition and how best to respond.

Ambiance Care was established to proactively support the diverse needs of people living with dementia, placing the person and their loved ones at the heart of its service:  

– Our Support               – Our Caregivers          

      – Hourly Visits                        – Main Support Areas.”

Click here to access Ambiance Care website